May 2022 Release Highlights

May 2022 Release is now available! 

This new release contains enhancements to multiple areas of the product including:

  • An “Exempt Status” has been added to the Therapist Requirement table.
  • Admins can now view all comments for clients by selecting the magnifying glass icon on the main tab of the Client Profile.
  • Duration units have been added to Duration Maladaptives. Users can now add minutes, seconds, and hours to Progress Notes.
  • Billing codes in client Authorizations tabs now include billing code titles to distinguish between billing codes with modifiers.
  • Graphs can be viewed as monthly, weekly, daily, and yearly for frequency and for all skill acquisitions.

To learn more about what updates, bug fixes, and features were included with each version released in May, visit our release notes for 6.3.4, 6.3.5, 6.3.6.

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