March 2022 Release Highlights

Release v6.3 is now available! 

This new release contains enhancements to multiple areas of the product including:

Practice Management Enhancements

  • Therapist credentials, levels, and license numbers can now be added to Progress and Analyst Notes if the information has been added to the therapist’s profile.
  • The following are Claims updates:
    • Claims for Tricare will now display in military time format.
    • A Notetaking tab has been added to claims for users to add and track additional information.
    • The “Client” column in the Claims table will now update correctly when service lines are Marked as Paid in the Invoice table.
  • A “Payer” column has been added to the Billing Summary.
  • “Sign” and “Delete” buttons have been added to the Community Mental Health progress notes.
  • Added flags to the payer edit screen to allow users the ability to send payer-specific provider identifications.
  • On the Visits tab on Billing Summary the “Billing Item Created” status in the Visit Status column will now also display in the drop-down filter list. 
  • The “Hours Worked” and “Billable Units” columns are now sortable on the Visits tab on BIlling Summary.
  • The “Client” column in the Invoice and Claims tables on Billing Summary are now sortable

Caregiver Portal Enhancements

  • Multiple Caregiver Portal accounts can now be added to client accounts.
  • Ability to add one caregiver to multiple clients.
  • Caregivers can enable or disable email notifications by selecting the “Email Notification” checkbox in the Edit User screen.
  • Caregivers will receive email notifications when invoices are sent. Please note, only caregivers that have email notifications enabled will receive emails.

To learn more about what updates, bug fixes, and features were included with each version released in March, visit our release notes for 6.3.

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